We Offer Assistance on Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, CA

Loved one arrested in the greater LA area? Speak to an experienced agent from PG-13 Bail Bonds today to ensure an affordable and rapid release.

Our staff is on call 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for your convenience.

Contact us for free inmate and bail information today.

When Should I Contact A Bail Bonds Company in Los Angeles?

Arrests can be a burden on a family and individual, especially the financial problems that follow. With PG-13, we make the entire process of posting bond and reconnecting with your loved one as simple as 1-2-3. If you find yourself or someone close to you in a bind, call PG-13 at (818)373-4444. We may not be the first company you speak to, but we will be the last to help. That is our guarantee.

Affordable Prices

We offer flexible payment plans for those who cannot pay off their bond in full for those who qualify. Affordable rebates for union workers, the elderly, government employees and military rebates up to 2% are available at all times for those who qualify, apply now to get started.

Agents Near You

Proximity and availability mean everything to our company so we will be anywhere you need us to be to ensure a fast release after posting bond with PG-13. There is no jail we cannot service and no police department we have not been to. Our experience in the industry is not contested.

Days & Hours of Operation

Monday – 24 hrs

Tuesday – 24 hrs

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