How To Bail Someone Out Of Jail in Van Nuys, CA

No one plans for an arrest. Most don’t understand how the arrest process works or have the slightest clue as to what should be done after someone has been detained.

In this article we will show you how to bail someone out of jail using a Van Nuys Bail Bonds company.

Important questions you should ask yourself would be:

Who is cosigning?

How much money can we afford for bail?

Will the defendant make it to court?


Contact A Local Bondsman

Your first step should be to contact a bail bondsman for the correct information on your loved one that is in custody. By doing this, you will now have the defendant charges, court date, court location and the bond amount set for the inmates’ release. At PG-13 Bail Bonds we offer a free Van Nuys Inmate Search service so you can find anyone that has been arrested and sent to the local county jail. We aren’t limited to just Van Nuys, we can find anyone, anywhere!


Find A Cosigner

Ask a company, we do require a cosigner in order to proceed for several reasons, but remember, every case is different so we might be able to bend the rules from time to time.

By having a cosigner, we are now promised by another individual that they will guarantee the appearance of our client for any and all upcoming court dates.

Secondly, this cosigner will ensure that all payments will be made in a timely manner. You can read more on the responsibilities of a cosigner by clicking here >>> Responsibilities of a cosigner for bail bonds <<<


Put Together A Financial Budget

Having a clear idea as to what you can afford is going to make everything that much easier. If you can only put down 500, let your bondsman know. If you plan on paying the full amount, ask about rebate options. Payment plans can be requested and approved if you meet the requirements.

Our company offers various options and packages to get your loved one out of jail, contact us today to get started.

Come Into Our Office To Sign All Legal Documents

Once you are prepared to come into our office, we will have all necessary bail bonds documents ready for you to sign. Contracts will be filled with information pertaining to the defendant’s appearance in court, responsibilities of cosigning, bond liability agreements and financial agreements.


For bail bonds information you can visit our homepage or contact us by dialing (818)373-4444

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