Van Nuys DUI arrest

Arrested For DUI/DWI in Van Nuys, CA

Have you or a loved one recently been incarcerated and sent to the local Van Nuys Police Department for booking? The Van Nuys Bail Bonds agents from PG-13 Bail Bonds can help.

How To Locate & Speak To The Person In Custody

After calling our office, we will contact a local sheriff or booking deputy inside of the jail and request for bail information. It typically takes anywhere from 2-3 hours after an arrest for an inmate to appear online through the jail’s official website.

Once we have received the information that is needed, we are able to provide you with the full bail bonds amount, court date, court location and the exact vehicle code and penal codes the defendant was arrested for.

You can visit our Van Nuys Inmate Search service to begin your search. Our agents can request a professional visit to speak to your loved one and if needed, we can give them your contact information from in jail.

Can You Bail Out Of Jail After A DUI Arrest In Van Nuys?

There are instances when the jail will require the defendant to sit in custody until they have completely sobered up, then depending on priors, a cite and release is possible. If the jail does not release the DUI defendant, you will be required to post a bail bond. Contact Us today so we can get all of the paperwork prepared for you.

While we never condone drunk driving, we do understand that people make mistakes and need a second chance.


How Much Will I Have To Pay For A DUI Arrest In Van Nuys?

This question is asked very often from our clients and the answer tends to fluctuate in prices. Depending on the city of arrest throughout Los Angeles, prices may increase or decrease. This is up to the court house in which you must appear.

Los Angeles is known as one of the most strict DUI convictions in California and the fines can reach towards $3,000 – $4,000 for first time offenders.

These fines can also include drinking and driving education classes that you must be enrolled in for 3 months as a first time offender.

Should I Hire A DUI/DWI Lawyer?

If you believe that you were wrongfully arrested by a police officer or highway patrol, you have every right to contact a DUI attorney in your area and request for a consultation. There have been occasions where our clients have successfully beat their cases and had them dismissed in court due to illegal arrests or false arrests. Don’t take our word for it, contact a professional legal specialist for further assistance.

DUI Resources & Links

Here is a list of useful links after a recent DUI/DWI arrest. Remember, they do charge you for their services.

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